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10 Habits of Successful Photographers

Updated: Feb 5

Isn't it exhilarating when you grab your camera, feel its weight in your hands, and capture the world through your unique lens? Yet the most successful photographers know that it takes more than just talent to carve out a thriving career. Let's delve into the habits that can elevate your photography journey!


1. Shooting Often: The Heartbeat of Your Craft

Step into the vibrant rhythm of continuous shooting. It’s like penning down your visual journal, where every snapshot is a verse, honing your skills, and nurturing your style with every click. Make it your second nature - your heartbeat - pulsating with creativity and fresh perspective!

2. Finding Your Niche: Your Unique Signature

In a sea of creators, finding your niche is essential in establishing your own distinguished style. Be it calming landscapes, vibrant urban scenes, or intimate portraiture, embracing your niche is your pathway - not only to building a brand identity, but also a community of repeat clients!

3. Education: Your Evolution of Fresh Skills

Stay curious! Dive into workshops, blogs and reference books, and seek mentorship to foster a landscape rich in knowledge. Let education be the inspiration that empowers you and fuels your passion, so that every day is a new opportunity to explore new skills and perspectives.

4. Networking: Threads of Opportunity

Embrace the idea of networking, weaving connections with fellow artists and photographers. Attend gallery openings, join photography communities, and build relationships that foster growth and opportunities. You never know the business that just one referral could turn your way!

5. Portfolio Updates: Great First Impressions

Your portfolio is a showcase of your talent - meant to evolve! Keep it fresh, infuse it with your latest masterpieces, and let it breathe with vibrant, new energy. It’s the portable gallery that unveils your artistic journey, leaving a lasting impression.

6. Social Media Presence: The Infinite Media Era

Love it or not, harnessing the energy of social media will provide a way to engage with a community eager to witness your work. Share your professional work along with personal stories. That’s where your relatability and authenticity will create opportunities and establish connections!

7. Website Updates: An Enjoyable Experience for Clients

Think of your website as a digital view of the space that reflects your creative journey. Keep it fresh with your current work, lend a user-friendly navigation, optimize for search engine results, and infuse with your beautiful personal style.

8. Printing Your Work: Bringing Your Vision to Life

There’s a distinct joy in seeing your work in print, where pixels transform into tangible pieces of art. Explore different print display options, and preserve cherishable memories. Print brings your vision full circle, from concept to final presentation.

9. Backing Up Your Photos: Your Safety Net

Whether it’s your own image archive or client sessions, it’s important to keep a safety net for your work. Make it a habit to back up your masterpieces, ensuring their security and longevity in the ever-changing digital landscape.

10. Making Time for Yourself: The Sanctuary of Creativity

In the whirlwind of creativity and deadlines, carve out a sanctuary of peace for yourself. Focus on self-care when you need it, to recharge and rejuvenate. This will foster a space where your inner artist can breathe, dream, and create with unrestrained freedom!

Which habits will you be building this year?

Tell us in the comments!


Images By:

Neil Simmons, Leon Johnson, Luke Tyree

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3 commentaires

21 avr.

Well written and inspiring!


John Padgett
John Padgett
21 févr.

Love this list!!!


Henry J yasses
Henry J yasses
04 févr.

The habits I will be using and building on are the ones I have been building on over my 45+years so far. I was given an old camera many years ago, when I was around 7-8 years old, and was smitten right off the bat.

George Eastman opened up a whole new world to all of us in an artistic manor. I like to photograph nature especially flowers in an artistic abstract manner. I then digitally paint it in Corel and Adobe, finally print it on aluminum in the dye-sublimation process….and you do the painting.

Henry J Yasses

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