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A Heartfelt Shoutout to TeamBay!

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

It’s not news that the last year and a half has been a monumental challenge for everyone, and we’re extending our utmost appreciation for the people who have kept Bay Photo running through it all. Read on and browse the photos to learn more about the amazing job TeamBay has been doing throughout the most pivotal time for our company and much of the world.


Last year when the pandemic hit, we put our manufacturing prowess to work on producing PPE products to help keep the community safe. The professional photography industry felt the impact, and TeamBay went above and beyond to support customers and continue producing your orders within that challenging environment.

A few months after the first lockdown of March 2020, we were faced with a mandatory evacuation order due to a nearby wildfire, and not only did it shut us down for a week, many of our team members were forced to evacuate their homes. When we reopened we went into overdrive, working 24/7 to make up for lost time. The holidays were soon upon us, and we found ourselves navigating a strong and busy season fraught with challenges previously unheard of in modern times.

“Pandemic and fires, nothing like a little lightning fire to ruin a perfectly good pandemic... The last year and a half has, by far, been the most challenging of our 45 year history. The Bay Photo Team stepped up at all levels to fight back and overcome these obstacles in legendary fashion.”
- Larry Abitbol, President

Fast forward to today and we are still pushing through in a changing world while continuing to build strength. In the words of our Print Production Supervisor, Chris, TeamBay has been “resilient, hardworking, and unified in the goal of keeping Bay Photo going.” Co-Supervisor, Maria adds, “We wouldn’t be able to do it without their support, the effort shown, and the dedication that they put into their work everyday.”

Due to supply shortages, shipping delays, and a limited workforce, businesses all over the globe have had to shift approaches and pivot new strategies. As your partner in photography, we understand the importance of delivering excellent quality work to your clients in a timely manner. Our Support Team has done an exceptional job remaining the trusty source of knowledge and problem-solving reliability that our customers can count on. Our Customer Service Manager, Tiffanie shares her perspective:

“The last year has tested us all but I am so proud of my team and for what we have accomplished. Not only have we learned an entirely new way to work together as a team, we have also supported each other through one of the most difficult times in our lives. I am so lucky to know and work with every single one of them.”
- Tiffanie M., Customer Service Manager

These sentiments are shared all around the lab.

From our side of the lens, TeamBay has proven to be:


- Matt M., Director of Operations


- John K., Production Manager (Framing, Giclee, UV Printing)


- Justin D., Post-Production Manager


- Mike R., Production Manager (MetalPrints)


- Mychelle R., Album Dept Supervisor

“Adaptable, Focused, Motivated and Great”

- Osiris A., Press Printed Dept Supervisor

“Dedicated, Adaptable and Reliable”

- Ryan E., Color Correction and Digital Art Dept Supervisor

“Self-sacrificing, Brilliant and Compassionate”

- Tabia B., Pre-Production Lead

“Strong, Resilient and Supportive”

- Tiffanie M., Customer Service Manager

“I could not be prouder of our leaders and all of their teams for their courage and just plain hard work! We supported our customers and their incredible challenges while we continued to innovate, grow and strengthen this amazing company.”
- Larry Abitbol, President

As photographers and creatives, it’s our passion to produce beautiful artwork and printed memories that we know will be cherished for years to come. We could not be more grateful for our team members who have consistently given their all, even as life has thrown us the trickiest curveballs. Thank you, TeamBay!

While change is constant, our message stays the same...

We’re here for you! Then, now, and always.


How has TeamBay stepped up for you recently?

Comment below to share your appreciation!

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Mary Ann Breshears
Mary Ann Breshears

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

So grateful all you do for us.


Sue Julian
Sue Julian

Proud to be working with a group of people that when push comes to shove, we will Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome some hairy situations. 2020 for instance. ☺



Outstanding Owner...Larry is a stand up guy...Photo service is next to none...As a Wedding Photographer and NFL Sideline Photographer...they did a phenomenal job with my images...Pro from start to finish...No Company...I mean photo service BETTER!!!✅




Being surrounded by family, friends, and supportive colleagues, and participate in a positive work environment, can’t be understated. It shows in the quality of Bay Photo products. Bay Photo customer service is first-rate and a pleasure to interact with. It is my hope the Bay Photo team remains well, safe, and secure. My images processed by Bay Photo have won awards, been displayed in galleries, grace the walls of conference rooms, and adorn hallways of well know agencies. Job well done TeamBay!

Be well, be safe, be kind.


J. Ortega
J. Ortega

I love BayPhotos not just for the quality of the photos, the superior packaging, the professional communications, professional development provided for clients, and the Bay photo on line support all of which is very much apparent in your core business values.

The best problems solvers and the most comforting shoulders to cry on when I have to go back to square one are the Bay Photo heroes. They are so kind, responsive, timely and professional.

Seeing your beautiful smiles solidified what us clients already knew, ALL of you are heroes. Every time a beautiful picture, in superior packaging shows up in the mail; it‘s like Christmas day. The joy just delivered keeps us going during these trying times. Continued success…

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