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Banding Together for Lahaina Fire Relief

In honor of Lahaina, we’re spotlighting a couple well-known photographers we've been fortunate to work with in the area, both of whom took a devastating hit. Andrew Shoemaker and Patrick McFeely (of Maui on Metal) both lost their galleries to the fire, and unfortunately no longer have a brick and mortar storefront. Since their livelihoods (alongside too many fellow Hawaiians) are directly impacted, we encourage you to view their work online. If you're like us, you've been deeply inspired by the art, photography, and history of Hawaiian culture, and might consider making a print purchase to support a fellow photographer.


Andrew Shoemaker is a fine art photographer based in Maui, Hawaii, and has been a loyal friend and customer of Bay Photo’s for over a decade He's world renowned for nature photography of all types. What started as a self-taught journeydocumenting his hiking, skiing and off-road adventures has evolved into a world class collection of fine art images. His work has also been published on many magazine covers and articles throughout the Hawaiian islands. To learn more about Andrew and view his work, we encourage you to visit

"My belief is that an image has the power to take your breath away, the power to heal and even make you cry. My hope is that through these images, we can connect on a higher level and truly share how beautiful this world is with one another."
- Andrew Shoemaker

Another long-time Bay Photo friend and customer, Adventure Photographer Patrick McFeely, was born in the territory of Hawaii on the island of Oahu. His work has been published on the cover of National Geographic magazine, and he's the creator and photographer for Maui's most famous coffee table book, "JAWS MAUI" - a 276 page scenic masterpiece honoring the island of Maui and world famous giant waves at Jaws, on Maui's north shore. To learn more about Patrick and view his work, visit


We have had the pleasure of serving a great number of photographers local to the islands, and we understand this was, and will again become, a thriving artistic community. Those affected by the destruction span well beyond the island of Maui, and it will take a lot to rebuild and recover… Yet we are seeing the community band together to help each other through his horrific time.

Stu Soley, of Soley Aloha in Maui, has created a Maui Stand Strong campaign, donating 100% of proceeds to families in need.

Action Sports and Fine Art Photographer, Dayanidhi Das is donating 100% of his print sales to help relief efforts.

Bay Photo has also made a donation to help relief efforts.

If you’re able to and would like to contribute to the cause, here are some links to where you can donate:

Many people would like to help and might not be sure where to direct their efforts. We encourage you to share in the comments if you know a photographer who has been directly impacted, or if you have a suggestion for where people can donate.


A Message from the Founder

Aloha, blessings and prayers for the people of Lahaina and Maui. Lahaina, the historic original Capital and seat of power of the Hawaiian Kingdom, has burned to the ground. Twenty-two hundred homes and businesses were destroyed, 4,500 people were displaced and of this date 115 people have lost their lives. So many have lost so much. Historical places, family businesses, generational homes and loved ones are gone. An unprecedented amount of loss in a short period of time, the largest disaster ever seen in Hawaii.

The Maui community has come together to support each other and their Ohana in marvelous efforts of unity. FEMA, the National Guard, the Red Cross and many other individuals and organizations have brought huge resources to help the people devastated by this disaster.

Lahaina residents say that the people have lost their homes but not their community. Even as the pain and loss are being absorbed, with progress and hope, the rebuilding process will begin. During this rebuilding everyone will have a seat at the table, voices will be heard and Hawaiian culture and traditions will be respected. The spirit of Lahaina will help it recover and will remain in the bones of the rebuilding.

Summon the Spirit of Aloha and please lean in and donate to help the people of Lahaina.

With gratitude and appreciation, Mahalo Nui Loa

Larry Abitbol

Bay Photo Founder Lahaina Resident


Images By:

Andrew Shoemaker, Patrick McFeeley, Stu Soley, Larry Abitbol

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Tracey Niimi
Tracey Niimi

Mahalo Larry and the rest of the Bay Photo team!



Aloha from Kahului, Maui!

Thank you so much for doing this. I know Andy and his business partner, Donna, and it is devastating to see the images of what is gone. What's worse is the people who are lost. Lahaina Arts Society, of which I am part, is/was across the street from Andy's gallery, and is a 50+ year old organization designed to support and mentor local artists. LAS has about 60 members to my knowledge, and several photographers including Marty Wolff, Douglas J. Hoffman, Drew Sulock, and several more. The gallery was also destroyed, and we also did weekly art fairs in Lahaina for many years, which of course are now on hold. Hoping for the best, but this…


Bonnie Morgan
Bonnie Morgan

I work for maui hands and our photographers lost everything

marty Wolff , michael sweet , Sandra greenberg and Brad Lewis . We were next door to shoemakers gallery and supported each others businesses . thank you for your support of Andrew ! Bonnie Morgan

store manager

maui Hands Lahaina

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