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Metal, Epic, and Acrylic Prints - What are the Differences?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

One of our most frequently asked questions on (and off) the trade show floor is: "What are the differences between MetalPrints, Epic Prints, and Acrylic Prints?". The simplest way to break this down is by exploring the range in printing processes, product materials, and benefits of each medium. Since our recent booth display demonstrated each product line so well, we captured a few glimpses that we think might help compare and contrast these three stunning Wall Displays. Scroll to learn more about each, then use our comparison chart at the bottom.


Sublimated MetalPrints for an Infusion of Possibility

The sublimation process of MetalPrints is where the real magic happens, and what separates this medium from other print types. Each .045" thick aluminum panel is specially designed with a high-performance coating that allows us to infuse your images into the surface rather than printing directly onto the face. This allows the finished product to display ultra-vibrant luminescence, while upholding scratch-resistant, weatherproof durability. Plus, each MetalPrint is a clean slate for a TON of display options and treatments.

Display Options

Over the years, we have expanded our surface and mounting options for MetalPrints into the widest selection available across the industry. Our 9 total surfaces for MetalPrints include 4 white-based, 2 aluminum-based, and 3 Performance EXT options intended for outdoor use:

​White Base

High Gloss




Aluminum Base

​Sheer Glossy

Sheer Satin

Performance EXT

​Performance EXT High Gloss

​Performance EXT Satin

Performance EXT Sheer Glossy

...Not to mention our Gold, Rose Gold and Copper treatments which combine with our Sheer surfaces for a more stylized, artistic look.

Mounting options for MetalPrints include:

  • Float Mount Hanger - a 1/2" thick foamcore backing with an aluminum plate

  • 3/4" or 1-1/4" Inset Frame - a silver or black aluminum frame offered with sawtooth or wire hanger

  • Exhibit Mount - an added layer of 2mm black styrene gives Metal a thicker look, with the hanging options of Float Mount Hanger or Inset Frame

  • Standout Mount - a lightweight 3/4" or 1-1/2" thick foamcore backing available with 4 edging treatments, plus a solid and sustainable Bamboo option

  • 1-1/4" Flush Mount Frame - an aluminum frame mounted flush to the edges of your MetalPrint, available in 6 colors

Other presentation options include:

  • Framed MetalPrints - over 89 frame mouldings including 14 elegant Float Frames, which float the MetalPrint with a 1/4" gap between the edge of the print and the frame

  • Double Float MetalPrints - two MetalPrints mounted together (one floating 1/2" above the other) for a contemporary alternative to framing

  • Creative Edge MetalPrints - 34 die cut shapes for your MetalPrints, in square or rectangle sizes up to 40x50"

  • Curved MetalPrints - curved into a convex or concave form for a free-standing display

  • Stick-n-Switch MetalPrints - repositionable photo tiles with a double-sided adhesive that can stick and re-stick to any smooth wall surface for up to 5 times

  • Wall Clusters and Splits - designer groupings showing individual images an each print, or one image across multiple prints

The Benefits of MetalPrints


Have you seen that sublimated glow firsthand? It might be one of the world wonders.


Xenon Light Stability Testing results show that the image stability of our MetalPrints is 2x to 4x the image stability of Photo Prints.


Scratch-resistant, flame-resistant, weatherproof, and protective from bacteria, pathogens and chemicals.

Option Variety

Our widest-ranging product catalog as far as selection of size, surface and display options. MetalPrints suit every style.


Cross-linked in nature, MetalPrints are the most hygienic medium. Easily cleanable with non-ammonium glass cleaner.


The science and light weight of MetalPrints combined with broad selection makes them perfect for ANY indoor or outdoor space.


Max Resolution Epic Prints for Unrivaled Clarity

There's a reason we say that Epic Prints are "perfection in its printed form." Made from silver halide prints on Fujiflex with a High Gloss or Satin finish, Epic Prints can go up to 610dpi resolution for the highest-precision detail available in print. The feedback we hear when customers see Epic Prints firsthand is that they feel like they can jump into the scene. How is that for impact and draw? Add the sleek Aluminum Composite (ACM) backing (with the same 3/4" Inset Frame we offer for MetalPrints), and you have a stunning, gallery-ready display.

Display Options

Unlike the long list of surface options available for MetalPrints, Epic Prints keep it simpler with 2 choices: High Gloss and Satin. The similarities between both finishes are comparable to those of Metal, but due to the Max HD resolution and the nature of silver halide prints, the clarity and detail give Epic Prints an edge.

Other similarities between Epic Prints and MetalPrints are found in their mounting options. First, the main *difference* is in the Aluminum Composite (ACM) backing, which is made from 2 sheets of .012" metal with a solid black plastic core. This contributes to the substantial and refined feel of Epic Prints, with a total thickness of 0.125". Additional options to the ACM backing include the same Inset Frame used for MetalPrints (mentioned above), along with the same classic and floating frame choices. Our frame mouldings range across modern, rustic, and gallery styles to ensure you'll find the perfect combo for you, your clients, and your space.

The Benefits of Epic Prints

​ Maximum Resolution

610dpi is more than double the standard, allowing the final presentation to express ALL the information in your image file.

High Precision Clarity

The level of detail achievable with Fujiflex lends a high impact draw to Epic Prints, whether up close or viewing from afar.

​ Depth of Color

Like Acrylic and Metal, Epic Prints are ultra-vibrant. Fujiflex displays rich image color, with deep black tones and pure whites.

​ Gallery Appeal

Epic Prints are new to the market with fine art collector-level quality. This unique display will appeal to discerning buyers.


Carefully Constructed Acrylic Prints for a Luxury Feel

Unlike Epic Prints or MetalPrints (or any other medium for that matter), Acrylic Prints are distinguished by their face mount, using a clear optical adhesive. This adhesive allows the sharp clarity of the fine art print to show through the 1/8" or 1/4" thick Acrylic face, with an added dimension for high impact. When you see an Acrylic Print in person, you can understand their beauty and essence from the way light reflects off of and illuminates through each edge.

Display Options

Acrylic Prints display a highly polished, sleek look, with a highly reflective surface which adds depth to your color range. If you prefer a slightly softer look or minimal reflections, opt for our Non-Glare acrylic. Like Epic Prints, these 2 options offer a simple selection from glossy to matte. Paper choices include Vivid, Metallic, or Fujiflex.

The buildup to gallery presentation is in the Acrylic Print's layers:

  • 1/8" or 1/4" thick Acrylic

  • White Paper or DiBond Backing

  • French Cleat or Stainless Posts in 2 sizes

  • Sizes 8x8 and smaller are available with a Keyhole Hanger

The Benefits of Acrylic Prints

​ Added Dimension

The reason Acrylic Prints have dynamic impact is the physical added dimension, for a 3D view of your image and artwork.

​ Substantial Feel

Acrylic Prints are the heaviest of the three print types in this breakdown, which leads some clients to perceive a higher value.

​ Luminous Vibrance

All 3 paper options display high depth of color, with Metallic adding a glow effect. Paired with lighting, your image will POP.

​ Growing Popularity

Since we released Acrylic Prints, they've become a new standard for fine art galleries and buyers - an encouraging trend!


The Breakdown

A Quick Comparison Chart for MetalPrints, Epic Prints and Acrylic Prints



2x3.5" to 48x96"

4x4" to 45x93"

4x4" to 43x96"

Custom Sizes


High Gloss, Mid-Gloss, Satin, Textured, Sheer Glossy, Sheer Satin, Performance EXT (in 3 finishes)

High Gloss, Satin

Glossy, Non-Glare




.125" or .25"


Float Mount Hanger, Inset or Flush Frames, Exhibit Mount, Standout Mount, Stainless Posts and more

Aluminum Composite (ACM) with Inset Frame

White Paper Backing, DiBond, Stainless Posts

Security T-Screw




Clusters & Splits


Outdoor Display



Care and Cleaning

Water, Non-Ammonia Glass Cleaner or Isopropyl Alcohol with Micro Fiber Cloth

Vinegar-Based Glass Cleaner or Isopropyl Alcohol with Micro Fiber Cloth

Dry Micro Fiber Cloth is preferred. Water or Acrylic Cleaner can also be used.​

Signature Pen


Gift Notes


Starting Price for 16x20" (Print Only)




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Images By:

Jason and JoAnne Marino, Nicole Sepulveda, dBatista Photography, Jennie Crate

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Tim Holt
Tim Holt
May 03

Interesting that you left off the XPozer prints that you also sell. I prefer the XPozer system.

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