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Mix Up Your Displays with NEW Stick-n-Switch MetalPrint Photo Tiles

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

A print display that values change as the only constant? We love it! The beauty of Stick-n-Switch Photo Tiles (other than the literally stunning look of MetalPrints) is that they’re re-stickable for up to 5 times on most wall surfaces, without holes or damage. Scroll on to learn more and get inspired, because this new product feeds off of creativity!


The Benefits of Stick-n-Switch

The 1/16” thick padded tape leaves no residue, allowing you to easily rearrange your existing arrangements, and confidently move individual prints from one spot to another.

For those who feel non-commital to one display, Stick-n-Switch MetalPrints lend well to rotating fresh imagery into the decor mix - for your walls and your clients'!

Start with a pre-designed arrangement, and switch them up to create your own! You can even order à la carte sizes to expand your grouping.


Inspirational Ideas to Unlock Creativity

Life is always changing, with new milestones and memories to document and cherish. Think of Stick-n-Switch Photo Tiles to help your story live on as it evolves…

…As the little ones grow…

...As new family members are welcomed...

...As you build walls of fame...

…As family histories lead to family legacies…

…As the seasons change…

...As holidays approach...

…As you go on new adventures…

Bonus Tip: Rotate your images 45 degrees for diamond displays, and mix-and-match sizes and orientations!


Wall Appeal is a Peel-and-Stick Away

After the quick drag-and-drop when ordering Online or in Bay ROES, let’s talk about the quick peel-and-stick upon delivery! Two pieces of 1x4” double-sided tape will be included with each print, along with an instructional handout guiding you through the easy process. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Your intended wall surface will need to be wiped clean of any debris, along with the back of your Stick-n-Switch MetalPrint.

  • Peel off the film from one side of the foam tape. Position the tape adhesive-side-down, pressing flat onto the back of the print.

  • Peel off the remaining film from the exposed side of the foam tape. Stick to your clean wall surface (with no fear of leaving residue, holes or damage!) by pressing the print areas where the tape is mounted.

Please note: Stick-n-Switch Photo Tiles are not intended for walls with laminated wallpaper, or prolonged outdoor display.

When the Time Comes for a Switch

  • Placing your hands on either side of the Photo Tile towards the bottom edge, slowly pull away from the wall surface.

  • Re-stick your Photo Tile up to 4 more times!

To learn more, visit our website.


Images By:

Jennie Crate, Max Seigal, Nicole Sepulveda, Amelia Durham, Jason and JoAnne Marino, Jeff Schwab, Matt Hofman, Dave "Nelly" Nelson

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