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Perfect Pairings: Acrylic and Double Float Metal for Depth and Dimension

Where there is impact to be made, there are print presentation options to help deliver it. Many photographers choose Acrylic Prints and MetalPrints in order to give their images maximum depth of color - but what about the added depth of physical dimension? Below, we highlight the perfect pairing of Acrylic Prints and Double Float MetalPrints to lend a 3-Dimensional look to your finished artwork.


High End and Multi-Dimensional

Acrylic Prints are distinguished for their vibrant color, hand-polished edges, and - most uniquely - a 1/8" or 1/4" thick acrylic that's face mounted on top of the print. Luxury by design and impressive by nature, Acrylic Prints have become a popular medium for all types of photographers while sought after by galleries and collectors. The luxury comes from the layers, and you can tell by the construction of Acrylic Prints that the process takes time and special care, with white glove treatment.

While MetalPrints have the durability benefits all on their own, they also lend themselves to a similar high end feel. Like Acrylic Prints, Double Float MetalPrints are built by stacking a layer onto the face of the base print, but this secondary MetalPrint displays another image (be it the same or a different image from its counterpart below). The top MetalPrint floats 1/2" above the base MetalPrint, adhered to a foam core block that's inconspicuously inset from the edges.

Why are they a perfect pair?

  • Wide color gamut for high depth

  • Multi-dimensional through added layers

  • Available in glossy or matte finish

  • Wide range of sizes and display options

  • Unique and eye-catching presentation

  • Contrasting but complementary displays


Even Better Together

The base print of a Double Float MetalPrint has a sawtooth hanger, so it hangs flush to the wall, or you can opt for one of our 14 Float Frame mouldings to add even more depth while finishing the look of the print.

Acrylic Prints can be ordered without any hanging options, however for ready-to-hang display with French Cleat or Stainless Posts, they will always appear to float off of the wall.


The Side-by-Side Details

Double Float Metal

Double Float Metal with Slim Float Frame

1/8" Acrylic with Paper Backing

1/4" Acrylic with Paper Backing

1/8" Acrylic with DiBond Backing

1/4" Acrylic with DiBond Backing

1/8" Acrylic with Small Stainless Posts

1/8" Acrylic with Large Stainless Posts

1/8" Acrylic with Large Stainless Posts

1/4" Acrylic with Large Stainless Posts

1/8" Acrylic with DiBond and Small Posts

1/8" Acrylic with DiBond and Large Posts

What is YOUR perfect print pairing?

Tell us in the comments!


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Images By:

John Weatherby, Scott Robert Lim, Matt Hofman

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