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The Benefits of The Signature Pen

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Why Virtual Signing

is Valuable for Fine Art Photography

Before we dive into the benefits of the Signature Pen, let’s quickly think back to the origins of the artist’s signature in the first place. Although artists and makers have put their mark on their creations since the dawn of time, signed artwork really became more popular after the Renaissance Era. During this period, the individuality behind art was encouraged and celebrated, and that led artists to seek a way of ensuring they received credit where credit was undoubtedly due. Fast forward to today, and we still see the value that collectors place on a signed piece of art, especially as part of their own curated collection. Let’s explore how the revolutionary Signature Pen can bring value to your work while automating this process.


Evidence of Authorship

When you use our Signature Pen service to virtually sign the front or back of your MetalPrints, Canvas Wraps and Epic Prints, your images are not only preserved in print form, but their integrity is upheld as authenticated works of art, uniquely created by YOU, to be recognized and appreciated by the buyer and fellow viewers for years to come. Your photography is your vision, and that magical manifestation deserves to be acknowledged with the final presentation.

Added Creative Expression

Whether you view it as adding your mark, your claim, your identity, or your stamp of approval to your photographs, the Signature Pen is a tool for further creative expression than the image alone. Calligraphy is an artform of its own for good reason, and with 4 colors to choose from (Black, Gold, Silver and Bronze), you can choose the look that will best complement each image. Your image, your autograph, your style.

Increased Perceived Value

In the photography community, we always promote the importance of tangible print vs. digital files. This is because of the value we know they bring to our clients’ lives and living spaces rather than sitting on hard drives only to be forever forgotten as pixels in the digital abyss. When you take your printed artwork a step further with the Signature Pen, collectors and buyers will see added value that you can also market as an upsell. Some fine art photographers even choose to upload a unique signature file for each piece of a limited edition run, so that the number can be included on the face of the print itself.

Ensured Image Credit

In today’s infinite media era, we often see social media posts grow so viral so quickly that viewers might question the original author due to lack of photo credit. In the photography industry, images are often judged, admired and rewarded at conventions or through member organizations, where the title of the piece as well as the photographer’s name are viewed in tandem with the print. The Signature Pen allows for the permanent association of your name as the creator, with the printed piece itself. Your signature can be viewed as a well-deserved accolade as well as a rightful claim to the piece and the story it tells.

Inherent Marketing

Photographers on one hand and art collectors on another might display their bodies of work in ways that promote gallery gatherings and receptions in celebration of fine art. When your work is presented with a signature, why shouldn’t that pop up as part of the conversation too? You never know whose interest might be piqued upon seeing an autographed work of art, and through word-of-mouth marketing, you could even see new commissions and even collectors, resulting in increased business.

Effortless for You!

Let’s now address the elephant in the room. Although a signature can authenticate a print, is it cheating by using an automated digital service like the Signature Pen? It’s a subjective decision, but there’s no question that the Signature Pen is a powerful tool that gives photographers access to sign their prints without paying extra shipping costs to sign them in person. This is the perfect solution for artists who prefer to “physically” sign their work, and have us drop ship directly to their clients. Hot Tip: Add a Gift Note as a Certificate of Authenticity, or personalized message as a special touch with each delivery.


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