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The Charm of Companion Albums: A Must-Have Keepsake!

If you’ve ever wished for an easy way to duplicate your main photo album in a smaller, more portable version, this feature is for you! Companion Albums are now available with just a few clicks in the checkout process of Online Ordering. You’re now able to clone your beloved photo stories in the same sizes or mini-me versions, with the same charm and essence. Scroll on to learn what makes Companion Albums such a big deal (even if delivered in a smaller package!).


Meaningful Gifts from the Heart

That warm, fuzzy feeling that clients get when flipping through their wedding album, or their child’s first milestone photo book can easily be shared with parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, best friends and beyond. Companion Albums are the perfect way to present gifts for those close to your clients, and make a great upsell for your photo packages. After all, isn’t sharing memories one of life’s greatest joys?

On-the-Go Versions of the "Special One"

With a handy Companion Album for regular viewing, your luxurious main album remains pristine for family gatherings or milestone anniversaries. And while we adore the grandeur of our primary albums, you may not want to risk the wear-and-tear that traveling can bring. However, with a Companion Album, you can have a smaller, more portable ticket back to your special day, anytime, anywhere!

Increased Income, Little Effort

Once your main album's design is ready, creating its companion version is a breeze. With a few clicks during Checkout, you’ll be able to duplicate your main album, choose alternate cover options if preferred, and go with the same size or smaller (as long as it’s the same aspect ratio). The layout design will be the same as the original, along with consistent color correction across both. It’s a win-win — an additional keepsake for your clients and an upsell for you, with almost no additional effort.


How Can Companion Albums Benefit Your Photography?

Weddings: For the couple, a companion album can be the perfect 'thank you' gift for the parents, wedding party, or attending family from afar.

Senior Portraits: Proud parents can share their teen’s milestones with grandparents or close family, bridging distances with a gorgeous brag book.

Newborn & Baby: Grandparents, aunts and uncles would treasure a compact version, narrating the story of their newest family member.

Family Sessions: A family’s legacy deserves the heirloom quality of professional albums, and every family member should have their own copy!

Boudoir: An empowering reminder for oneself or an intimate expression for a partner, a Companion Album is discreet, yet impactful.

Fine Art, Nature & Travel: Whether it’s a backup portfolio or part of a limited edition collection, Companion Albums can help bundle your ordering process.

Corporate & Events: A miniaturized event summary can be a delightful takeaway for special guests or stakeholders.

Ultimately, Companion Albums ensure that memories aren't just lived, but relived and shared. So, in your next in-person sales consultation, or next time you’re cherishing your own primary photo album, remember there's an easy way to multiply that joy when ordering Online.



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Tara Ruby, Ernesto Batista, Nicole Sepulveda, Amy Dawnelle

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