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The Many Creative Uses of Xpozer

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Xpozer has proved itself as our most versatile print type, with lightweight portability, quick and easy setup, large sizes at affordable prices, and beautiful print quality. This opens the door for many creative applications for Xpozer, from temporary displays to traveling exhibits, for all types of photography. Below, we focus in on some fun and creative uses for Xpozer.

And while Xpozer is a great way to get your work seen, we know we are all still adhering closely to social distancing guidelines. Here’s hoping it will be safe to jump back into these social environments again very soon!


Backdrops for Online Appearances

With the transition to a heavily virtual and remote workflow, online viewership and communication has skyrocketed. Xpozer is available in sizes up to 40x80” which will easily fill the background of any zoom call, webinar or livestream video. Both surfaces, Vivid Satin and Radiant Satin are matte in finish, so there will be no reflection from studio or natural light. For your next talking head appearance, let Xpozer back you up!

“I’ve been using Xpozer for about a year as the background for my podcast, which has been great. I’ve got a small space for my broadcasts, and the 40x40” fits perfectly over the door behind me. Then I thought, why not get one printed with green screen color and be able to switch them out, and is a lot of fun. It gives a very natural look when I use it with my broadcast software (unlike many that have a fake look).

Xpozer is a great solution when you want a clean background and want to switch them out as I have! Thanks Bay Photo!

Check out my weekly broadcasts on YouTube to catch my Xpozer in use, along with my full library of photography interviews.” - Marc Silber | Silber Studios


Sweet Displays for the Littles

Two features of Xpozer that make it a perfect option for documenting baby and children sessions are its interchangeability and light weight. You or your clients will be able to update your displays with Xchange Prints as the young ones grow. Each Xpozer is paper thin, and mounted with an aluminum tension hanger so the entire piece is extremely lightweight no matter the size. With custom hanging hardware including a cleat and screws, Xpozer is hung safely and securely.

"Kids grow up so fast and I have a hard time processing! Xpozer prints solved my problem. With Xpozer prints, I can change my prints and enjoy each phase of my kids' childhood in an affordable way, keeping the high quality of my images in a modern way." - Alessandra Basher


Refreshing Seasonal and Holiday Décor

The interchangeability of Xpozer also makes it a perfect solution for seasonal imagery, and fun, photographic holiday décor. Keep your displays fresh with each changing season using Xchange Prints, which come with their own corner mounts designed to fit the same hanger. Your space can have an impact on your daily mindset, and Xchange Prints allow for a regular cycle of new inspiration.

If we take it a step further, Xpozer is the best print option for brightening each holiday with festive imagery. Since the print rolls up and the bars break down into a compact box, Xpozer will keep nice and cozy with all the other holiday decor boxes in any garage, attic, basement or closet! Are you thinking ugly sweaters and awkward family holiday portraits? Because we are, and Xpozer will give them the annual love they deserve.


Beautiful Bridal Fair and Popup Exhibits

Are you as excited to get back out into the world as we are?! The patented aluminum tension hanging system makes Xpozer highly portable and quick to assemble - a perfect solution for the exhibiting photographer. Choose Expo Display Kits to group multiple Xpozer Prints and create beautiful wall displays (with a cost-effective discount baked into the price). Expo Display Kits are available in various arrangements, including special hanging hardware designed to hang from pipe and drape in various exhibitor booth sizes. Change them up as often as you like with Xchange Prints!

"Our company does over 8 bridal shows and open houses a year, so we needed the best product with the best quality and resistance to showcase our epic photography to our clients. The Xpozer Expo Display provides everything we want - great quality, easy setup and an easy way to upgrade with new photos. The Xpozer is definitely a showstopper!" - Rafael & Angelica Serrano | Rafael Serrano Photography


Adventurous Travel Highlights

Post-pandemic adventures need special recognition! Xpozer has not only traveled to destinations around the world, it’s also displayed them beautifully. Each print is produced through a high definition inkjet printing process, with a12-color ink set so your travel highlights will stand out in fine art fashion. Many travel photographers choose Xpozer to be able to update their displays easily after new life-changing trips and special memories are captured. This is a fun way to cherish your travels in large format print!

“As a landscape and travel photographer, many of my most favorite shots are high resolution and really look their best when printed at large sizes. The Xpozer prints have a unique combination of vivid, detailed colors with low surface glare, and are lower cost than metal prints. My customers appreciate the quality and value, and the added bonus of being able to easily swap multiple prints on one frame.” - Brian Salisbury | FocusPro Services


Celebratory Party Décor

With every milestone comes cause for celebration. The price is right, the setup is stress-free, and the size range is favorable in making Xpozer part of your next event. Highlight the guest of honor in a BIG way (up to 40x80”), or create a unique backdrop for some fun photo booth action! When we’re able to gather socially in large groups again, we know Xpozer is the ticket for making a big splash.


Stylish Walls of Fame

We often talk about the largest size available for Xpozer at 40x80”, but it’s worth noting that Xpozer starts at 16x16”. This size adds up to look amazing in large gallery wall formats. Maximize the number of images you’re displaying by creating “walls of fame” that, with Xpozer’s soft finish, will look their best in any lighting situation.

“Xpozer Prints are a perfect solution for my needs. They look so professional, are so lightweight, and are very reasonably priced. I have bought dozens, but only keep about 10-12 on my walls at the same time. I like to rotate them in and out to keep things fresh. I host concerts in my home and photograph portraits of the songwriters when they play a show. The Xpozers make a great backdrop for the shows and are great conversation pieces. I get questions and compliments on them every time I have guests. They are a great way to show off your work and a great product to sell to clients. Highly recommend!” - Scott Housley | Headshot Scott


Impressive Studio Displays

Whether you’re a wedding photographer looking to optimize your Expo Display Kits from bridal fairs, or a studio photographer looking for an inexpensive way to impress incoming clients, Xpozer can help your business simply by showcasing your work in an appealing and educational way.

Sandy Puc has created a brilliant sales approach for her studio using our Xpozer Prints to show clients what "large" looks like with size 40x80” (pictured above)! She says this “makes them more likely to go for that 30x40”!”

"I choose Xpozer Prints because they're light to hang and so easy to switch out to display more of my clients. They are super versatile! I use them in multiple settings like bridal shows, displaying on the studio walls, and on the window for people to see our work as they pass by." - Valerie Burgos | VJBurgos Photography

Once again, Xpozer’s light weight and high impact makes it perfect for displaying in specialty areas like these.


How Do YOU Xpozer?

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Special thanks to the photographers who made Xpozer X-ceptionally beautiful in this article: John Weatherby, Marc Silber, Alessandra Basher, Nate Luebbe, Ryan J. Lane, Rafael Serrano, Brian Salisbury, Amy Dawnelle, Scott Housley, Sandy Puc', and Valerie J. Burgos

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