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Tips for Styling Your Exhibition Displays with MetalPrints, Acrylic Prints and More

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Around here at Bay Photo, large gallery, art show and exhibition Wall Displays are our specialty along with our inspiration. It's a gratifying process to see them on their way through our handcrafted lab production workflows and into their final homes. MetalPrints might be the most popular print medium choice for exhibiting photographers, but we'll highlight a few other products as gorgeous complementary options your buyers can choose from. With the help of 5 pros, let's dive into which display options help their work stand out in the spotlight.


The Exhibit Mount for Exhibit-Ready MetalPrints

Mervin Coleman | Red Lodge, MT

"I love MetalPrints from Bay Photo and I love the Exhibit Mount option."
- Mervin Coleman

"I use it on all prints 16x24" and larger but sometimes on smaller sizes as well. The Exhibit Mount gives a very nice edge presentation with the black edge treatment, plus the styrene backing adds durability and rigidity to the final product. I think the additional weight that it adds is what I like best. It just feels good and adds to the overall quality of the product.

"The 3/4" Inset Frame on the back lets the print float on the wall and my customers like the look (as well as not having to add a frame at an additional expense). The Exhibit Mounting comes with a French Cleat Hanger, but I usually have Bay Photo add a wire hanger so the customer has the choice of how to hang their new art." - Merv Coleman


Andrew Shoemaker | Maui, HI

"I like the look and feel of the Exhibit Mount as it adds more of a luxury feel and weight to MetalPrints with added protection when transporting and storing the prints."


More Mountings That Showcase Metal

Macala Elliott | Mac Elliott Media | Houston, TX

"As a fine art fish photographer, I look for printing mediums that bring out the movement and rich colors of water. Bay Photo's MetalPrints have been my go to for the past two years! My photographs often get confused for flat screen TV's or even paintings because the high gloss finish and fine detail of each MetalPrint is so extreme! Other than a classic matted paper print, I only display my fish art on metal when I show at art festivals, fishing conventions, and galleries.

"A big selling point of this medium (besides the affordable price point) would have to be the built-in mounting for easy hanging and display. The Float Mount Hanger offers a really sleek, contemporary look, while the Inset Frame with French Cleat for my larger 30x50" prints offers a ton of security. Gone are the days when I had to glue wooden blocks to the back of my MetalPrints! Oh, and the metal, weather-proof nature of these prints make them perfect for humid Texas beach houses. I'm in love!" - Macala Elliott


Shelly Wayne | Kanab, UT

"When my photography journey began, I remember admiring the MetalPrints of photographers I looked up to, thinking everyone deserves beautiful art in their home. Metal was such a vibrant way to showcase their work - it was almost like standing in the moment with them as they took the shot. So when I finally reached a skill level where I began to sell my work; affordability had to go hand-in-hand with quality. I soon learned that not all MetalPrints were created equally and I found my new print lab, Bay Photo. I was familiar with their product as many of my friend photographers used them.

"Flush Mount Framed MetalPrints were my first choice for a commercial resort commission. I used the security T-screws to provide a stable mount for high traffic areas. Flush Mount Frames were also a great choice, as exposed corners would not catch on people or luggage as they walked the hallways. Flush Frame MetalPrints proved sturdy enough to travel with for juried Art Festivals. They endure countless moves with no signs of wear or damage.

"Not long after my first orders were placed I had a challenge come my way: a triptych panel measuring 122”x60”, mounted to a curved wall. After a helpful discussion with Bay Photo, I decided to go with (3) 40x60" MetalPrints with Stainless Posts. The metal Bay Photo uses is sturdy enough to flex with a curved wall and not bend or crease. Truly an innovative way to exhibit my work at Lake Powell Resort.

"I have only the highest regard for Bay Photo and the services they provide. They are people who are invested in the photographers they work with. The product is top of the line, allowing me to keep true to my roots: providing affordable and high quality art for everyone."


More to Mix In with MetalPrints

Michael Mosure | Wilmington, NC

"For this gallery exhibit I chose a mix of glossy MetalPrints, Acrylic Prints, and textured Fine Art Prints in Frames. In addition, I also have a mix of Kodak and FujiFilm Photographic Prints smaller bin options as well.

"I specifically choose Metal and Acrylic for gallery displays due to their eye-catching vividness and unsurpassed quality in rendering my high resolution images. They always stand out and are a center for discussion amongst gallery viewers.

"The textured William Turner Fine Art Prints I had Framed with the Decked Edge, which floats on a Reveal Mat display. These provide a timely feel and contrast with the modern Metal and Acrylic pieces."


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