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What are the best Father's Day gifts, and why Acrylic and MetalPrints?

Oftentimes we say that Dads (and the father-like figures in our lives) are the most difficult to shop for. It still remains a mystery to us why that is, because Acrylic Prints and MetalPrints both scream cool-factor that will either leave him speechless or saying "wow"+ (see reason #2). These popular print mediums are characteristic in their own ways, just like Dad, so let's dive into 4 reasons they'll win him over this Father's Day.


1. They're sleek (and on fleek).

The printing processes for Acrylic Prints and MetalPrints are distinctly different, but both result in the high precision quality that will have Dad second-guessing all technological wonders (again). The impact of Acrylic Prints starts with a detailed Fine Art Print, face mounted to plexiglass which adds even more dimension and depth. MetalPrints are inkjet prints that are sublimated through high heat and pressure into specially coated aluminum. What do we get? A print so luminescent that it almost looks like it's backlit!

2. They're worth a thousand words (and then some).

Just like a new car or a new tool, he won't be able to stop talking about his new Acrylic or MetalPrint. We might be biased, but we have a feeling he'll want to show it off to everyone, (not just the man cave dwellers). Our Acrylic and MetalPrint catalogs offer the widest variety of ultra-modern display options. The stories around his prints won't call for dad jokes... they'll be SO seriously amazing that, in the end, the displays will speak for themselves. And who doesn't love that "new print" smell? 😏

3. They're cutting edge (but not literally).

Acrylic Prints and MetalPrints present two super sharp mediums.... and yes, we mean this as a TRIPLE entendre. One common opinion is that they are literally sharp due to the nature of the materials used, however MetalPrints have sanded edges with default 1/8" rounded corners, and each Acrylic face displays hand-polished edges, which lend to their crystal clear presentation. Secondly, Acrylic Prints and MetalPrints display your images with sharp detail and vivid color. Acrylic Prints feature Vivid or Metallic paper surface with Glossy or Non-Glare acrylic, and MetalPrints are available on Dad's choice of 6 surfaces, plus specialty treatments (not "special treatment", although it WILL be his day...). Lastly, the style that these mediums add to any interior is undeniably sharp. After all... 🎶 every dad's crazy 'bout sharp printed files. 🎸🕶️

4. They're protective (and safeguard your images).

One of the best-kept secrets about the Acrylic we use is that it's cast acrylic, which is manufactured through a higher quality process than the more commonly-found extruded acrylic. Although we don't recommend displaying in direct sunlight (save that for the backyard BBQ), cast acrylic blocks 97% of UV radiation for greater protection against fading over time, while extruded acrylic can eventually turn yellow or green.

MetalPrints have long been known as our most durable print medium with the highest longevity. When you choose MetalPrints, you're choosing to preserve your image for years to come. When Dad's legacy is displayed on Metal, the man, the myth and the legend will be nothing less than a showstopper. Opt for Performance EXT MetalPrints for even further extended life outdoors!

No matter which one you choose, we're sure Dad will be grateful!



Images By:

Amy Dawnelle, John Weatherby, Ben Ingram, Alexis Cuarezma, Annie K. Rowland, Dave Nelson

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