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What are the Differences Between Float Frames and Traditional Frames?

Finishing your print with a frame can add an elegance to your final presentation. But how do you choose which Framing style to go with? Traditional Frames are a classic choice, allowing you to customize every layer, down to the number of images shown, single or double mat overlay, and seemingly infinite mat color and frame moulding combinations. Float Frames offer a simpler selection, but a completely different, contemporary way of displaying your print. Let's break down the differences between our Traditional and Float Frame offerings.


Traditionally Framed and Matted Prints

When we say "Traditionally Framed", we're referring to the age old method of an inserted print into a constructed frame which holds the print in place with a lip in the moulding. From front to back, the layers include:

  • Frame

  • Optional Acrylic

  • Optional Single or Double Mat

  • Photo, Fine Art, or Canvas Print

  • Mounting

  • Finished Backing

  • Sawtooth or Wire Hanger

The Benefits of Traditionally Framed and Matted Prints

​Custom Sizes

Our Framed and Matted Prints catalog includes custom sizes from 5x5" to 40x60"! Available in Bay ROES and coming soon to Online Ordering.

Multiple Images

Choosing a Mat allows for multiple windows to show 1, 2, 3, or 4 images within a Framed Print display. Easily browse the configurations on our website.


Adding our framing-grade Acrylic lends cleanability to your display, with a dry microfiber cloth or small amount of non-ammonia glass cleaner.

Option Variety

With 80+ mouldings, 13 mix-and-match Mat colors, and various mat window sizes, Framed and Matted Prints offer the highest level of customization.


Traditionally Framed MetalPrints and Epic Prints

Framed MetalPrints and Epic Prints offer the same moulding choices as Framed and Matted Prints, but the only difference is there are no Mat or Acrylic options. These two Wall Displays are meant to stand out on their own, so the surface finishes will display through the Frame window. Broken down, it looks like:

  • Frame

  • MetalPrint or Epic Print

  • Finished Backing

  • Sawtooth or Wire Hanger

The Benefits of Traditionally Framed MetalPrints and Epic Prints

​ Longevity of MetalPrints

MetalPrints are our most archival print medium, lasting 4x the lifespan of silver halide Photographic Prints. Their durability adds a scratch resistance to your display.

High Precision Clarity of Epic Prints

The level of detail achievable with Fujiflex (especially combined with Max HD 610dpi resolution) lends impactful draw to Epic Prints, close-up or viewing from afar.

​ Softer Surface Options

For those who may not prefer the glare of Acrylic, MetalPrints offer Satin, Mid-Gloss and Textured surfaces, while Epic Prints are available in Satin, for little to no reflection.

​ Cleanability

While Epic Prints can be lightly cleaned of dust with a dry microfiber cloth, MetalPrints can handle any non-ammonia glass cleaner thanks to the sublimated coating.


Traditionally Framed Deckled Prints with Reveal Mats

Deckled Edge Fine Art Prints feature a hand-torn edge, unlike any other print type we offer. They are the centerpieces of our Reveal Frame and Mat category, floating within each display in a shadowbox-like style. In order, these Framed Prints include:

  • Frame

  • Acrylic

  • Deckled Edge Fine Art Print

  • Inset Foamboard Mount

  • Reveal Mat

  • Finished Backing

  • Sawtooth or Wire Hanger

The Benefits of Framed Deckled Edge Fine Art Prints

​ Added Dimension

From the depth of the frame moulding to the floating effect of the Fine Art Print, the layers are apparent by the drop shadows (hence, the gorgeous shadowbox feel!).

​ Ultra Handcrafted Appearance

Our construction of a Frame display is already one of our best examples of handcrafted care. Add hand-torn print edges, and you can't miss the top quality.

​ Unique Fine Art Appeal

Featuring 3 Fine Art Paper options, your Deckled Edges will depend on the varying degrees of texture. In any case, the rich color and depth of Fine Art comes through.

​ Cleanability

Since your Deckled Fine Art Print with Reveal Mat are enclosed with Acrylic, you can use a dry microfiber cloth or small amount of non-ammonia glass cleaner.


Float Framed Prints

Float Frames break away from traditional Framed Prints into their own category, floating each Wall Display Print with a 1/4" gap between the print's edge and the frame. Float Frame displays broken down will include:

  • Frame

  • Metal, Canvas, Epic or Fine Art Print

  • Finished Backing

  • Sawtooth or Wire Hanger

The Benefits of Float Framed Prints

​ Contemporary Style

Whether you choose a wide or slim moulding, Float Frames offer a unique and modern style that's newer to the market, when compared with the Traditional Frame.

​ Deeper Profile for Substantial Feel

Our Traditional Frame mouldings range from .5" to 1.5" in depth, but Float Frames are 1.75" to 2" deep. The floated print adds even more depth.

​ Gallery Appeal

Float Frames present museum quality that resonates with gallery-goers and art collectors. Each print reflects the substantial feel of the frame, standing on its own.

​ Print Option Variety

Each offering surface options of their own, Float Frames are available for: Single or Double MetalPrints, Canvas Wraps, Epic Prints, and Deckled Edge Fine Art Prints.


The Breakdown

A Quick Comparison Chart for Traditionally Framed vs. Float Framed Prints


Traditionally Framed and Matted Prints

Traditionally Framed MetalPrints and Epic Prints

Traditionally Framed Deckeled Edge Fine Art Prints

Float Framed Prints


Custom Sizes from 5x5" to 40x60"

5x5" to 24x36"

8x8" to 30x40"

8x8" to 24x36"

Custom Sizes





80+ Mouldings

80+ Mouldings

27 Mouldings

14 Mouldings

Print Types

4 Photographic Papers, 18 Fine Art Papers, or Canvas Board with 3 finishes

8 MetalPrint surfaces or Epic Prints in 2 finishes

3 Fine Art Papers with varying textures

MetalPrints, Epic Prints, Canvas Wraps, Deckled Fine Art Prints

Mat Options

Mats and Double Mats available in 13 colors with up to 4 windows


1/2", 1", 2", 2.5" or 3" Reveal Mats available in 13 colors






Prints are mounted to foamboard before framed


Print is floated by foamboard, which is backed by Reveal Mat before framed


Clusters & Splits





Gift Notes

Starting Price for 16x20"





Backing/Hanging: All Wood Frames have a finished paper backing while Metal Frames show an open back. All Framed Prints are hung with a Sawtooth (up to 12x12") or Wire Hanger.

Frame Moulding and Mat Sample Sets are available for purchase! Order Now

Visit our website to learn more.



Images By:

Lexie Clayburn, Nicole Sepulveda, Leon Johnson, Kamia McWilliams, Neil Simmons, Joe and Mirta Barnet

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