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All About MetalPrint Surfaces

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Let’s Talk MetalPrint Surfaces

What to Consider Across the Gamut

MetalPrints are available in 8 surfaces, and a few special treatments. One of our most frequently asked questions is which surface will work best for your images, so here is a rundown that we hope goes more than surface deep. Whether your work is displayed indoors or outside, a commercial space or residential, or if you are just looking for a new way to present your images, this context around each surface will help you create a truly unique work of art for any client.


Tried and True Choices

Our Most Popular and Renowned Classics

High Gloss is the surface most people think of when they think of MetalPrints. It has the widest color gamut of all the surfaces and the high gloss finish yields stunning images with amazing depth and clarity. This is a preferred surface choice for photographers of all types, but we especially see land, sea and cityscape colors pop, and astrophotography shine its brightest when coming through the lab on High Gloss.

Mid-Gloss has the deep color range of High Gloss, with less glare, perfect for areas with intense lighting. Because Mid-Gloss upholds that rich color vibrancy with reduced glare, we see a good amount of wedding and portrait photography on this surface. This is the perfect happy compromise between our most glossy and most matte Metal surface - a beautiful choice for all types of images and interior applications.

Satin is our matte finish, with a soft look and minimal glare. It’s a great choice for portraiture, botanical images, or any photos that capture rich texture or details you want to highlight. Photographers who love the durability of Metal, but are looking for a smooth and unobstructed appearance for their images choose Satin. Fuji Deep Matte Velvet and Epson Hot Press Bright White fans… this one’s for you.


Unique and Eye-Catching Style

Distinguished Options for Your Artwork

Textured Metal takes metal in a whole new direction with its completely non-reflective, fingerprint resistant surface and fine stippled texture. This surface looks beautiful when used with fine art images, enhancing them with a soft, organic look. Many Canvas lovers who are looking for a new option are loving Textured MetalPrints for their artwork.

"Textured MetalPrints are perfect for wildlife or landscape photographs where you have a lot of detail you wish to maintain and showcase. It resembles fine art matte or canvas prints, yet retains all the quality and protection you get with Metal Prints."

- Fadi Hage | CINQ Gallery

Our Sheer High Gloss and Sheer Matte surfaces let the metal show through the white and light areas of your image, having the metal become part of the look. We’ve seen very cool and unique results when this effect is paired with high contrast images, and black & white images. Think architectural, fine art and design work for these stylistically unique options.

“Printing my work on the Sheer Matte MetalPrint surface from Bay Photo is my favorite because it maintains the high-quality modern look I want, while reducing unwanted glare. I especially love that the prints arrive ready to hang straight out of the box. Working with the Bay Photo team has been an excellent experience and I could not be happier.”

- Geoff Duncan | Geoff Duncan Photography

Sometimes all you want to do is add a little bling, and for that we offer Gold, Copper and Rose Gold Effects. These can be combined with Sheer surfaces to really bring out the iridescence of the Metal grain and let it shine through. This gives your image a unique edge and artistic flair with an eye-catching metallic shine.

“Our fine art metal prints have a new luxurious sister- the GOLD METAL PRINT. With high-end gallery appeal, these exquisite art prints are perfect for high contrast black and white imagery...right up my alley.”

- Kara Marie Trombetta | Kara Marie Studios


Are You In or Out?

Bring Your Images Outdoors with EXT

High Gloss, Satin, and Sheer Glossy are also available with our Performance EXT Metal which lets you take your art outside! It’s specially engineered to last for 2-3 years in direct sunlight without noticeable fading. We’ve seen amazing outdoor art installations using this option, and it’s also great for signage.

“Performance EXT MetalPrints from Bay Photo are the ideal transitional material to create a more comfortable setting for your outdoor living space.”

- Stu Soley | Soley Aloha


Watch the Video for a Closer Look...

Sample Sets are available in sizes 4x6, 5x7 and 8x12, which are the best ways to see your image across all surfaces. We also have a new Specialty Sample Set available which includes Textured surface, and Performance EXT High Gloss and Sheer surfaces.


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Hi Garay, thanks for asking! Our MetalPrint prices are listed on this page (click each thumbnail and scroll down for the pricing list):


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