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FREE NuReality Image Filters for Online Ordering!

Introducing that NEW Nu! Explore the magic of our NuReality Filters - allowing you to immerse yourself or your clients into a new reality full of wonder. With a few quick clicks, you can now create the work of art you REALLY envisioned, or surprise yourself with something completely unique and different! Enjoy trying this state-of-the-art technology available FREE in our Online Ordering solution. Scroll on to learn more.


The Benjamin Button

This age-rewinding filter removes decades from the subject in your portraits! Using facial recognition technology, The Benjamin Button smart filter will allow anyone to reverse the years with an accurate visual representation of how they appeared at the filtered age, almost as if they’ve traveled through time. Simply enter your preferred age in the filter options. Grandma never knew she could easily become Big Sis (with the click of a button)!


Cringy to Crystal Clear

Remember those cringy low resolution pixels from your first-generation cell phone? The ones that would’ve displayed an otherwise epic scene? They’re mini tragedies that have been locked away in the archives by now. With our NuReality Filters, you can now transform any early-digital camera era capture into the output of the latest, top-of-the-line DSLR. Let’s resurface those soon-to-be gems!


The Ansel Adams

Your could-be-iconic images take on the dramatic flare of legendary Ansel himself, with The Ansel Adams NuReality Filter. Powered by AI, this cutting-edge filter recognizes the scenic landmark pictured, and automatically matches the closest shot from Ansel. Once your shot is paired, simply choose foreground replacement, background replacement, or both!


Here Comes The Sun

Just when you thought it was an extended winter, add more sun to any rainy day! The weather report your clients were dreading leading up to the big day magically turns into a vibrant sunset. Since hindsight is 20/20 anyway, let’s warm things up with a quick and easy click!



By now you’ve probably guessed it, but we’re foolin’! We hope you’re so confident in your awesome talent and honed photography skills that you didn’t even come close to considering an overhaul this drastic. 😉 All jokes aside, Online Ordering does make it ridiculously easy to turn your images and artwork into the most stunning print displays you can imagine.


Tell us in the comments...

What new products or features would you like to see from us in the future? We're always innovating, but no promises (except that We're Here For You!).


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2 commentaires

02 avr. 2023

That sucks! I was so excited to try it out and now I have wasted all of my emotions for the day!

I was at first curious, then accepting of this new technology and then totally planning on which photo to use in this new system and then humiliation after realizing I fell for this then depression now knowing that I can’t use Ansel Adams on a picture I took this winter of a buffalo.

All I have to do now is just wait until someone much smarter than me reads your joke and then figures out how to make it a reality.



01 avr. 2023

I was reading this not realizing the date and was getting more and more irritated with the whole idea of taking away any and all talent from professional photographers/artists by creating artificially formulated fake pictures (its honestly not far off and I truly fear for our livelihoods). But I’m really glad I read to the end to find out it is April Fools!! You got me! 😂

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