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Pro Corner: Album Design Tips From DBatista Photography

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

We understand that an Album is an heirloom that tells a visual narrative, but let's dig deeper into how it's created, and the process of storytelling through design. We've had the pleasure of working with professional wedding photographer, Ernesto Batista, who shares his tips on designing a wedding album, from on-location shoot, through editing, to easily ordering Online. Enjoy getting inspired, and start creating your own stories across the flush-mount pages.


We've seen that Albums are an important offering for your clients. Can you tell us why?

"Here at DBatista Photography we think that an album is something every single customer should have, it is the most important masterpiece for a person to have for years to come, a product that can be passed from generations to generations. In our specific case 90% of our customers get an album and we only offer Pacific Albums in our collections."

Which shots do you especially look for while shooting a wedding, in anticipation for the Album?

"We believe that in a wedding every single detail is important, this is why we take good care of details shots, getting ready for both the bride and groom, the ceremony, creative photos, family portraits, reception and how the event ends. With all these in mind we will for sure have everything we need to make an amazing album design. We always try to make every spread a story so when a viewer is enjoying the album they can understand how the entire event happened."

Do you plan for a certain number of images or spreads to include in the Album?

"We always recommend to the customers that a good number for an album is between 40 to 50 images, using from 14 to 17 spreads to fit all the images in the album. A good mix of photos will look better when they are broken down by: accessories, same type of lighting photos or poses, family portraits, etc., but always keeping in mind that a powerful creative imagination should always use a full spread to impact the viewer."

How does Bay Photo make it easy for you to design and order your Album?

"Since the launch of Bay Photo's Online Ordering for Albums, we have been big fans of the software. Every part of the album can be designed and built within your browser, and it has tons of templates for you to get creative with your design process. You can add borders to the images, shadows, and fit images very easily into custom made collage templates. The

cover of the album is also part of the design and it is super easy to adjust. It's an amazing way to go through the entire process and easily choose between all the options, right from your browser."

What are your favorite display options for your Pacific Albums?

"We only offer Pacific Albums 10x10 or larger. About 85% of our customers are choosing the Acrylic Cover and the other 15% choose either the Metal or Wood Cover. Another signature touch that you will find in all of our albums are the Cover Imprinting with our company name using the gold finish and Italic Font. This gives our albums a very special look of elegance.

Our favorite Album combination is the Acrylic Cover with Genuine Black Leather Material and Metallic Pages to give our photography a vibrant color that will impact the customers 100% of the time."


Special Thanks to Ernesto Batista!

DBatista Photography offers premier wedding and quinceañera photography and videography in Florida. His photography style is inspired in wedding photojournalism with a big love for high fashion and fine art photography. The team characterizes themselves by images that are dramatic, editorial, clean and crisp, romantic, fun, and emotional. Visit their website to learn more, and be inspired by their work.

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