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How Photography Can Strengthen the Parent-Child Bond: An Interview with Bay Photo's Executive VP of Marketing, Anya Thrash

an interview on motherhood and how photography strengthens parent-child bonds

Motherhood is a journey that is so unique to each and every Mom, bringing both joy and unpredictability beyond measure. Enjoy a special interview with our Executive VP of Marketing, Anya Thrash, as she shares her inspiring (and comforting) story of how photography can strengthen parent-child bonds.


Bay Photo is fortunate to have you as Executive VP of Marketing, but you have another important title - "Mom".

For the past twenty years, working at Bay Photo has been more than just a job—it's been a journey that's deeply intertwined with my life, especially in how it's shaped my relationship with my teenage son, Enzo.

Was your journey into motherhood what you anticipated?

Fifteen years ago, Enzo came into this world unexpectedly early, during one of the busiest times at work, just before my maternity leave. His early arrival not only marked the beginning of my journey into motherhood but also opened my eyes to the unpredictable rollercoaster that parenting truly is.

I thought I was prepared for the challenges, but nothing could prepare me for the emotional whirlwind that followed. I expected an unbreakable bond with my child, a love that would conquer all. But reality hit hard when I found myself feeling helpless, unable to comfort him or relate to him in those moments, despite my best efforts.

Adding to the complexity, my marriage ended when Enzo was just a few months old, making the journey even more daunting. Working from home gave me flexibility, but it also meant juggling work with Enzo's demands, often resorting to screens for temporary relief – something I had always swore I would never do.

mother and son traveling in Austria

How did you first notice (and nudge) Enzo's inkling for photography?

child in front of his exhibit of metal prints

In the chaos, I stumbled upon a positive aspect to Enzo's fascination with digital devices. His love for video games and tv shows, especially those featuring animals, gave me an idea. I decided to invest in a lower-end digital SLR camera, which Enzo eagerly took ownership of, and we began making frequent trips to the San Francisco Zoo. Little did I know, this decision would open the door to a whole new world of joy and discovery. His passion for photography blossomed, culminating in his first exhibit at the age of ten, thanks to our Bay Photo connections.

Traveling in Iceland

What role has photography played in strengthening your mother-son bond?

As Enzo grew, so did his love for travel and photography. Our first international trip, to Italy, marked a turning point, igniting a passion within him. Even activities like keeping a travel journal, which I bought for him despite being sure he’d ignore it, became a cherished ritual of reliving adventure and discovery. We walked miles and miles through ancient places looking for the one perfect shot to represent the trip in his journal. Enzo's enthusiasm for exploring the world has led us to visit numerous countries, each trip adding to our treasure trove of memories.

Traveling in Ancient Greece

You know we have to ask... Have you enjoyed Enzo's photography in print?

gallery wall of bay photo framed prints showing travel pictures

Earlier this year, Enzo and I huddled around the computer, browsed Bay Photo's website, and uploaded a photo of the empty wall behind our couch. With the help of the Wall Previews feature, we meticulously designed a photo wall adorned with Enzo's favorite captures from our adventures.

After careful consideration, we settled on Lustre Photographic Prints with White Double Mats and sleek Tall Block Modern Frames in Black for a timeless and gallery-worthy presentation. The result was incredible!

gallery wall of framed prints

Describe what the power of print means to you through your perspective as a mother.

Every time I step into the living room and gaze upon that wall, I'm filled with an overwhelming sense of pride for Enzo and pure joy at the memories we've created together. Parenthood can be a rollercoaster ride of unpredictability and frustration, but when I see the wall of images, I'm reminded that every single moment has been worth it. These memories are ours to cherish forever, serving as a beautiful reminder of the bond I share with my son.

mother and son traveling

In closing, what key takeaways would you like to share with our community?

Parenting in the digital age isn't easy. Finding meaningful ways to connect with our children amidst busy schedules and distractions is a constant challenge. But through photography, we've found a bridge—a way to capture moments, create memories, and strengthen our relationships, one snapshot at a time.


A Very Special Thanks to Anya,

and Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Bay Photo!

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Ann Green
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Discovering and nurturing his passion for photography from childhood to adulthood requires the companionship of parents to help their children develop knowledge and skills and have a proper understanding of the profession of photography to record moments and create memories and strengthen our relationships, one moment at a time. Happy Wheels

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