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MetalPrints Bring Bay Area Art to Life, with Debra Reabock

Long-time Bay Photo customer, Debra Reabock is a self-taught, San Francisco-based photographer with a focus on abstraction in architecture and nature. She captures unique shapes, angles, patterns and repetitions reminiscent of M.C. Escher graphic art, which draw the viewer into multiple perspectives. With a creative eye for visual information, it's no surprise that Debra chooses MetalPrints for her work, since they offer the widest variety of display options to match the uniqueness of each image. Scroll to learn more about Debra's inspiration in her own words, and which MetalPrints she chooses for her exhibitions.


My work is influenced by Escher, Dali, Magritte, and Warhol and others of the abstract movement. Abstract photography enables me to convey the richness of our everyday environment and express multiple perspectives through the interplay of light, space, movement, and dimension. The symmetry, geometry, and movement of these forms in architecture and nature fascinate me.

The goal of my work is to encourage viewers to expand their boundaries of perception by challenging their initial perception. My photography began as a way to relieve stress from my job.

My passion is in transforming the way people see our everyday surroundings. We are surrounded by art in our environment. The shadows of the leaves, the light of the sun, the distinctive architectural structures — beauty is everywhere. If we stop for a minute and notice our surroundings, that “art moment” can contribute to our overall wellbeing.


  • Initially I started printing traditionally and loved the Bay Photo Lustre Paper. The quality is wonderful with excellent execution by the team.

  • As I developed my abstract photos I started printing on MetalPrints. My goal was for the viewer to feel as if they could float into the scene, and the frameless single Metal product achieved that.

  • Additionally, I’ve used the circular Creative Edge MetalPrints.

  • In 2023 I plan to add Acrylic MetalPrints as an option.

I display and sell my work a few different ways. Convenient appointments can be made to visit my studio, located at Arc Studios & Gallery in San Francisco, CA. My work is also shown at City Art Gallery, The Drawing Room Gallery, both located in San Francisco. I participate in various art shows around the San Francisco Bay Area.

I’m interested in how architectural images can be used to create abstract designs for clothing. At the upcoming San Francisco Open Studios in November, I am introducing an “ArtWear” line, starting with a couple of jackets printed with my designs.


I’ve also launched a series of online “Art Salons” focused on 20th- and 21st-century

female artists, which have attracted a growing audience. My goal is to raise awareness

about women artists, who are often overlooked in spite of their talent and singular


I feel fortunate to be part of a community with the expressive ability to move people. I

hope to get to know more photographers in the Bay community, to take inspiration from your accomplishments, and to learn about resources we can share for the benefit of all.


Special Thanks to Debra Reabock

To learn more about Debra's work, follow her on Instagram @debrareabock and view her portfolio on her website.


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