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Mix-and-Match Cover Materials for Stylized Stories

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Our Pacific Albums offer the widest variety of cover options so you can customize the presentation of your visual narrative in order to beautifully complement the unique way you captured it. With 55 cover material choices, it's a fun, creative process to stylize the story you're telling with your images. Let's take a look at some cover types and material combinations that perfectly express the theme of each session they will unveil.


Sleek, Modern and High Impact

Some Album covers provide intrigue as to what's inside, but MetalPrint and Acrylic Print Covers will spotlight your work in an eye-catching way that will have the viewer looking for more. Black and White Genuine Leather Covers are perfect for complementing the color pop of your image with minimal distractions, while matching the top-of-the-line style presented by the Metal and Acrylic.

When it comes to accenting your album in a sleek and modern way, it's all about choosing black, white, and every gray in between. Materials with these tones include EcoSkins, Genuine Leathers, Leatherettes, Linens and EcoSuedes. Learn More →


Traditional and Simply Classic

The oldest Photo Albums have been dated back to the 19th century, and it's no surprise the overall construction has remained relatively unchanged overtime and into the digital era. Albums stand the test of time as heirlooms, and much like a fine wine, only get better with age. From warm and natural tones to neutral, Genuine Leathers, Leatherettes, and EcoSuedes lend a traditional feel to your album, especially when padded. Choose a simple Photo Cutout for a sneak peek, a Canvas Photo Cover to classically display a favorite image, or a Cover Imprint in your choice of 3 fonts and 5 colors to give your story a title. Learn More →


Elegant, Romantic and Ornate

When considering how to maximize your swooning skills at a client reveal, the Album cover stands out as one of the first things that will grab their attention. Whether you're adding romance to a wedding album, bringing out the charm of a quinceañera or senior album, or embellishing your portfolio, this style begs for materials that are tactilely and aesthetically pleasing. EcoSuedes are soft to the touch, while the texture and pattern of Tooled materials are strong and elegant. If you're going for a Photo Cover, we recommend Metallic Paper with Satin Laminate for a silvery glow. Our Gold, Rose Gold and Copper treatment for MetalPrints is also an option, with the Rose Gold effect beautifully complemented by our Dusty Rose Linen. Learn More →


Rustic and Western

Rustic and western is such a common theme for both weddings and studio shoots. Whether your clients are actually from the country or not, it's a style that spans not only the shoot, but all kinds of interior spaces as well. Our four Tooled materials are perfect for adding a rough texture and durability to your Album, with a look that's reminiscent of fancy cowboy boots. These pair well with a simpler material for the spine or back cover, and look beautiful aside Wood Print covers, especially with our Natural surface to show even more grain through your image. Learn More →


Minimalist and Eco-Friendly

It's a style and a way of life. For the clients who believe less is more, we love a simple Linen or Halflinnen Cover with Imprint, or Photo Cutout. We have earthy tones that will look great with any images with an outdoor setting, and our Wood Print Covers are a perfect way to bring an image to the forefront without sacrificing the simplicity. Most of our Album cover materials are vegan, and Wood Prints are also eco-friendly for a sustainable presentation that will last more than a lifetime. Learn More →


Unique and Eclectic

If you're looking for that extra something to add a unique style to your Album presentation, we offer a variety of patterned and textured cover materials. Ostrich is an EcoSkin that comes in Birch, Mahogany, Dogwood and Charcoal. For materials with a sheen to them, choose Hammered*, Crush*, and Cirque to either complement your image or stand on their own. These are especially fun when juxtaposed with a Sheer MetalPrint Cover in Glossy or Satin. Learn More →

*Available for a limited time.


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Dustin Weiss, Ernesto Batista, Tara Ruby, Leon Johnson

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