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Pro Corner: Tyler Lyons Reviews His New Bay Photo Sample Products

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

I recently partnered with a local dance studio and I now have a studio space that I work in, which allows me to show sample print products.

I am a big believer in printing photos versus only having them on your phone or computer. Photos get lost so easily between the number of photos you can have on your devices and the technological changes that can make it impossible to view your memories. I love looking at printed photographs. When I see a photo that has been printed larger than a phone screen or a computer screen, I really notice the details that make the photo great. Prints and Albums can be passed down for generations and treasured forever.

I have been wanting to print more of my work lately and wanting to encourage my clients to do so as well.

I have been wanting to print more of my work lately and wanting to encourage my clients to do so as well. The product samples that I recently ordered serve two purposes.

  • The first is I wanted to see what they would look like with my work on them.

  • The second is, like a lot of people, I am more likely to purchase something that I can see and touch in person compared to only by a description or seeing it online.

I wanted to have examples of prints that I can provide to my clients so that they can preserve their special memories. Traditionally, most people order canvas or a framed print. I wanted to do something different. In my studio, I have five large Xpozer prints that people can see when they come in. The other products that I ordered include Acrylic Blocks, ThinWraps, MetalPrints, and mounted Fine Art Prints.

The Acrylic Blocks are beautifully printed and mounted. I ordered a 5x7 and 6x6 on Lustre Paper and they are perfect for when you want to give something as a gift, if you do not have enough wall space, or if you want something nice for your shelf, table or desk. Most of the time people just order small framed prints but I believe these will be a big hit with the market that I am in.

The ThinWraps were something else new that I was excited to see how they would turn out. I got two different sizes and had a black and white image on one and a color image on the other. They each have mounting blocks on the back to help them stand out from the wall giving them the appearance of floating off of the wall. This is something I have loved with my prints. The two that I ordered were so well done and I will definitely be ordering more. They have a slight texture to them that give them a unique appearance and feel without looking like canvas.

I have ordered multiple MetalPrints from a few different companies over the years and wanted to see how Bay Photo compared. I ordered one with a glossy finish and the other with their new textured finish, and Float Mounts. I love that there are several different finishes and mounting options to choose from. The glossy metal turned out beautifully and I got them both quicker than several of the other places I have ordered from before. The textured print was very nice. There is very little glare on it which makes it great for anywhere in the office or house. It also does not show fingerprints like the non-textured metals do. MetalPrints have been one of the few products that have stopped people and got them asking questions at gallery and art shows.

The mounted Fine Art Prints are beautiful as well. I got two different papers to see which looked better. They are mounted on Gatorfoam with a Float Mount. These are nice as well for anyone wanting a more traditional look.

I will be displaying my work throughout my studio and the dance studio that I am partnered with. I will also have samples that I can take with me when I go to an event or to a client that is not coming to my studio. I mention that I offer prints and other products before and during the session. After I send the client their gallery I remind them that I can print their photos and I show them what I can do. If they decide that they want an image printed, then I give them the details and order the prints. Depending on when they need the print, I will either have it shipped to my office, or I will ship it directly to the client.


The pandemic has definitely had an effect on my business like it has everyone else. I was not doing sessions for the first three or four months of the pandemic. During those few months, I was focused on new marketing and figuring out new strategies. Once Texas started to open back up out of lockdown, I went from staying in front of everyone on social media and checking in on current and future clients, to putting my new marketing in place. I reached out to several dance companies and partnered with them to do fundraiser mini sessions. These sessions not only brought additional money into their studios after having been shut down for several months, but it also introduced me to a lot of new people. These fundraisers were very successful and led me to the clients and partnerships that I currently have.

My advice for other photographers during this “new normal” is to not give up. I know there will be set backs and I know you may have more clients cancel or reschedule but do not give up.

My advice for other photographers during this “new normal” is to not give up. I know there will be set backs and I know you may have more clients cancel or reschedule but do not give up. Continue to work on your technique and finding new locations. Update your business model if you need to and find more ways to help the community. Not only is it a great way to get your name out there, but it also shows that you care about the people you want to work with. Remember that you are not the only one that has been affected by this pandemic.

The future of my business is very bright. I have several new things that I will be doing over the next few years including starting my own magazine, putting together a few gallery and art shows, doing more things in the communities that I work and live, and traveling. I love what I do and the people I get to work with. Capturing milestones and memories brings joy to my life and those who I work with. Every day I look for new ways to not only be better at what I do, but stay current and continue to provide the best experience I can to those who work with me.


Tyler started Lyons Photography back in 2014 while attending The Art Institute of Dallas for his BFA in Photography. He wanted to focus on portrait work and then was introduced to the world of dance and fell in love. he has spent the last six years focusing on dance photography while also shooting other portrait work. He's also had work published in magazines and books and exhibited at multiple gallery showings.


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