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The Beauty of Float Frames for Metal, Canvas, Epic and Fine Art Prints

Why Float Frames Add Perceived Quality

Our 14 Float Frames are an elevated collection of fine art presentation options that you would expect to see across the walls of an art museum. Ranging in custom sizes from 8x8” to 40x60”, they are distinguished from our traditional frame mouldings by their depth, and the ¼” space between the edge of the print and the frame which creates the iconic floating effect. Float Frames are available for: Single MetalPrints, Double Float MetalPrints, Fine Art Canvas Wraps, Epic Prints, and Deckled Edge Fine Art Prints.

Photographers who offer Float Framed Prints understand that they have a center-of-attention impact, and can easily act as the pièce de résistance of a client package or as a trusty upsell. When your viewers and clients see firsthand the effect Float Frames have on your already beautiful images and artwork, they will feel that “must-have'' inclination that often leads to the sale. With Sample Sets, Studio Sample discounts, and Online Ordering Wall Previews available for Float Framed Prints, selling is easy. Read on to learn more about what makes each moulding unique.


A Closer Look At Each Type of Float Frame

Wedge Float Frames

Wedge Float Frames were part of our first catalog release and are well-loved for their substantial feel. On small sizes, our Wedge Float Frame draws the viewer's eye deep into the subject matter of the print itself. On mid range to large sizes, its beveled edge stands out in a way that can command the room. Black and White Wedge Floats are classics, as they complement the widest range of colors and tones within an image, as well as any print surface available. Pewter and Gold Wedge Floats offer an ornate elegance and metallic glow around your image, and look especially beautiful with glossy or sheer surfaces. In any case, Wedge Floats undoubtedly become an important component of the finished piece.

"Frankie, the English Bulldog and every ounce of his handsome demeanor, are paired beautifully with the Wedge Float Frame from Bay Photo. Bay Photo transforms the canvases in such a way, that I think is the best invention since sliced bread. Bay Photo has the option for multiple float frame types, making it so easy to find the perfect one. I was instantly drawn to the Wedge Frame because of the demanding pull it has on the viewer. It adds so much to the photo, catching your eye as soon as you walk into the room. The warmer tones in Frankie’s photo are a match made in Heaven with the dark color of the frame. I get so excited to offer these frames to my clients because I know they will match the energy of their four-legged loved ones. As I often say, when I get excited about something that is just so good, ‘100/10 recommend!’”

- Lexie Clayburn


Slim Float Frames

Like Wedge Floats, our Slim Float Frames were part of the original collection at its first release, available in Black, White, Silver and Gold. Rather than the beveled appearance of Wedge Floats, Slims offer a tighter frame around the edges of your print for a sleek, contemporary style. Each genuine solid wood Wedge and Slim moulding is carefully inspected to the gallery quality you expect from Bay Photo.

“When designing bachelor pads, sneaking in my favorite brass finishes can get tricky! I chose the Gold Slim Float Frame for this master bedroom to provide a popping contrast with the moody paint. Since the image itself was such a personal one for the client, I wanted to ensure we could showcase the details of it appropriately without taking away from the beauty of the frame.”

- Catasha Singleton


Slim Barnwood Float Frames

Natural and Whitewashed Barnwood Float Frames pair well with Canvas, Deckled Edge Fine Art Prints and Textured MetalPrints (which have textured surfaces like the wood grain), but provide a beautiful contrast with ultra-smooth and modern Metal and Epic Print surfaces. Due to the nature of the truly reclaimed wood material from old barns, aged fences, marine wood and more, these mouldings are almost MADE for outdoor and wildlife photography. That said, they will add a beautifully natural feel to any type of image or interior. We love seeing Whitewashed Barnwood ordered with beachy wedding and maternity portraits, as well as newborns. The Barnwood moulding is of course cleaned before construction, but the roughness, imperfections and discoloration are part of the rustic charm of Barnwood Float Frames, helping create a one-of-a-kind display.

“MetalPrints in Barnwood Float Frames from Bay Photo are the perfect blend of modern and rustic. Customers love the modern look of metal prints and appreciate the longevity this process offers which is a great selling point when talking to customers in our gallery. Barnwood is a perfect accent to create a rustic or western themed room in your house. The ¼” gap created between the metal print and the frame is another brilliant touch that clients might not notice immediately but certainly helps sell the piece as an added bonus. I like to offer the Flush Mount and Float Mount Frames as an option. But since my gallery is outside Jackson Hole Wyoming Barnwood Frames have been my new go-to starting in 2020. Barnwood Frames are the perfect presentation for beautiful landscapes and wildlife like this image of grizzly 399 and her 4 cubs in Grand Teton National Park.”

- Neil Simmons


Bamboo Float Frames

Eco-friendly aesthetic, sustainably grown, creative construction.. What’s not to love about our new Bamboo Float Frames? These mouldings take sustainability to the next level, perfect for photographers and artists who are implementing green business with a low carbon footprint. We’ve offered Bamboo as a mounting substrate for a while now, and we recently designed the Float Frame from the same bamboo sheets as a new and unique application that you can only find at Bay Photo (innovation never stops over here!). Bamboo Floats are available with a Natural or Carbonized finish.


Slim Metal Float Frames

Our Matte Black and Light Pewter Slim Metal Float Frames are newer additions to our lineup, designed with MetalPrints and Epic Prints in mind for an ultra modern look. Made from lightweight aluminum, this frame profile is even thinner than our Slim Float Frames. Slim Metal Floats create a simple finishing touch while adding a refined sharpness to the overall presentation. Although we see these most popularly ordered with MetalPrints and Epic Prints, they are also available for Deckled Edge Fine Art Prints.


All Float Frames are Beautifully Finished and Delivered Ready to Hang!

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Images by:

Amy Dawnelle, Lexie Clayburn, Jason and JoAnne Marino, Catasha Singleton, Neil Simmons, Ernesto Batista, Matt Hofman, Ben Ingram, Luke Tyree

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