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5 Tips for Mastering the Art of Canvas Gallery Wraps

Updated: Mar 18

Solving Common Challenges of Canvas Gallery Wraps

We often highlight the benefits of our Fine Art Canvas Gallery Wraps, but what about the common challenges and misconceptions? With so many choices out there, it's important to know the difference between a top quality Canvas Wrap vs. the imitations, and that includes the options that will make your images stand out. Read on to learn more...


Showcasing All of the Important Parts Of Your Photo

Many who are new to printing on Canvas may be thinking of them in the traditional sense - that the image will wrap around the edges, losing some areas and subject matter. We understand that when you photograph a session, event, or amazing moment, you capture it through the lens with the crop you choose for a reason. In order to present ALL of your image the way you envisioned it, sometimes the better wrap option is one of our border effects, allowing your image take the full spotlight.

  • Successful Solution: Select one of our border styles that allow your full image to show on the front panel of the Wrap

  • Tip: If you'd like to add your own effect in Photoshop, download our Canvas Gallery Wrap product templates, which will show you the wrap lines

Mirrored Edge Canvas Border Style

Choosing a Mirrored Border for the Appropriate Image

The Mirrored Border style is a lovely one, as it mirrors the edge portions of your image to extend the canvas. When we see portrait images come through the lab with this selection, we notice if the subject's body parts are getting mirrored in an awkward way (it's not often, but in these cases we'll contact the customer to recommend an alternate border). Since our Mirrored Border is created in our digital art department once your order is submitted, it can be difficult to know how it will show. We have downloadable template guides which show you where the image will wrap, so if you want to preview the mirror on your own in Photoshop, you can know what to expect ahead of time.

Digital Stretched Border Effect for Canvas Wrap
  • Successful Solution: Opting for Digital Stretch border, Solid Color border, or previewing your mirror in Photoshop with our template guides


Going Maximum Resolution for Your Image

A common error across all products is submitting a low resolution image. We have file preparation guidelines to help ahead of ordering, but the best rule of thumb is to upload your image at as close to its original size as possible. If you no longer have access to the high resolution file, we might be able to help. Our NEW Resolution Optimization is a service that includes traditional upscaling, artificial intelligence upscaling, noise reduction, pixelation and compression artifact reduction, and sharpening.


Bay Photo Canvas Cluster

Finding the Perfect Size for Your Space

Sometimes (especially if studio sample products aren't involved ahead of time), the common misperception on print sizing is to go smaller, when it will actually leave the wall looking bare. On the flip side, it's possible to overcompensate when going for a high impact, wall-filling display. The best bet is to use our Wall Previews in Online Ordering, or using painter's tape to preview the print sizes on the wall. Keep in mind that Canvas Wraps are available in Clusters and Splits which can help expand the overall display size, along with custom sizes which will ensure the perfect fit for any space.

  • Successful Solution: Measure twice, print once


Gold Wedge Float Frame with Canvas Wrap

Ensuring You'll be Satisfied with the Canvas Gallery Wrap You Receive

There is no shortage of cheap imitations out there, but Canvas Wraps should reflect the museum quality feel that they are rooted in through traditional fine art. At Bay Photo, the materials, quality and craftsmanship of our Canvas Wraps are what set them apart and maximize their longevity. From the archival canvas material, to high resolution printing combined with 12-color aqueous pigmented inks, to UV-protective laminate, to our custom built wood artists stretcher frames, to its careful finishing and secure packaging - your Canvas Wrap will reflect the care and quality that went into its construction every step of the way.

Corner Closeup of Float Framed Canvas Wrap
  • Successful Solution: Know what makes ours museum quality, and the difference it will make in the long run


Images By:

Neil Simmons, Jennie Crate

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Mar 17

It would be extremely helpful if Bay offered design templates for all of the sizes of canvas wraps. That way, we have creative control of image placement, edge details, etc. when they situation requires it. These could be PSD or JPG format, showing the amount of canvas will be hidden on the back of the stretcher frame where the canvas is stapled to the frame, how much on all the sides of the stretcher frame, and where the guidelines are for the "surface" of the wrap. Most labs do this to reduce misplaced, mis-cropped, or misunderstood measurements.

May 14
Replying to

Hi Dianne, we have PSD product templates to work with in Photoshop, which are downloadable on this page: Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we'll be glad to help!

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