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Why Studio Samples are Essential for Pro Photographers

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Show Your Work and Let the Prints Sell Themselves

There are plenty of reasons people hire a professional photographer. Whether it’s an event, milestone or seasonal session, they’ve already come to YOU for the quality, style, and skill with which you’ll document their legacy. What many clients may be overlooking, though (at least at the time of booking) is how their images will be displayed. Having printed Studio Sample products on hand to show clients in-person is a key strategy to boost business beyond the shoot. Here’s why...


Your Work Was Meant for More than the Cloud

Yes, we are biased… But there is an undeniable power in printed photographs. When you see your work printed on the Studio Samples of your choice, you’ll be able to educate your clients on the elevated value firsthand. It’ll never lose its luster - the reminder that seeing their images in tangible form will bring heartwarming sentiment that they can also share with their family and friends.

“Selling printed portrait products defines you as a 'professional photographer'. In my opinion, it's the only thing that's going to set you apart from the hobbyist or the aspiring photographer. Don't get me wrong, you've got to have exceptional work. But when your clients realize that you expect their portraits to be displayed like a work of art, they know that they're dealing with a professional who values quality.

Selling gorgeous, tangible, heirloom products helps my clients to gain confidence and trust in me.”

- Amy Dawnelle, Temecula, CA


Quality They Need to See to Believe

We know firsthand from exhibiting at trade shows - nothing compares to seeing and touching the various print mediums in person. Whether your clients are looking up close at the paper finishes, or gazing from a distance at a stunning wall display, they’ll be impressed with the precision, clarity, and vibrance that your work takes on with our print and presentation options. The best thing about Studio Samples? They provide the same premium quality across ALL size and display options, at a discount for your business!

"In this day and age where digitals are valued more heavily than printed imagery, it is imperative that clients understand the significance and importance of printing their photos on archival quality materials."

- Tonya Riggs | Clovis, CA


What They Can Envision Leads to the Upsell

When they see a gorgeous heirloom album, or a showstopper wall display, they’ll envision it in their home. They’ve already invested in the way YOU photograph life’s precious moments. When they see their proofs, they’ll want them all (think herloom Album). When they choose their absolute favorite, they’ll want to showcase it (queue the large Wall Display).

“My samples are so essential to my business. Showing my clients and potential clients these custom and timeless pieces makes booking and sales so much easier. It’s a great way for my clients to imagine the way their own products will look.”

- Allison Pheleita | Roseville, CA

“My packages are set up assuming that clients are going to buy digital files. The upgraded packages include a wall collection or album of their choice. This structure implies that choosing a package with digital files AND printed portraits is a better value than choosing a digital-only package. Not everyone will buy an upgraded portrait collection...

But a lot of them do, and those clients are always more satisfied with their investment." - Amy Dawnelle | Temecula, CA


They'll Be Inspired by the Possibilities

We offer the widest range of options and sizes in the industry, so that you can in turn offer your clients a variety of different display options for their images. The style of your work is consistent from client to client, but they may have different preferences as far as which products or packages are most appealing. Offering a unique selection of products from top tier wall displays like MetalPrints or Acrylic Prints, to page-turning Books and Albums, and even including lower priced Photo Gift options will allow your clients to imagine their favorites as displayed in their home. Bundle them in packages to present them with clearcut and enticing investment options, and order the Studio Samples to present them with context in tangible form.

“In this digital era I strongly believe that artwork and print products are what makes my clients’ images stand out and bring them long-term satisfaction. In my studio they can hold and feel my high quality sample products instead of merely looking at digital versions of them.

By creating packages I make more money and my clients enjoy big savings compared to the à la carte options I offer. Seeing my photos being transformed into a piece of wall art or a beautiful album is the very goal of why I do what I do as a photographer.” - Jurek Schreiner | Boston, MA

"This is the generation that needs to see, touch and compare to make sure something is the right fit and this applies to everything we use in life. I think we all need a sample to see if we really like it, right?

As a studio, we provide a full experience for our clients and created different walls based on what we think a family could use to decorate a house, especially with their own family photos.

We placed different designs around the studio and has been an easy sell because the clients can see, feel and compare options like materials and sizes with the photos we took for them and with the walls in their own houses.

Bay Photo offers great samples for their products and little by little we got everything that we need to showcase our clients. This has increased our sales big time, having our clients choose what they like and what works best for them."

- Rafael and Angelica Serrano | Dallas, TX


Choose the Products for YOUR Work

This all said, just because we offer the widest selection doesn’t mean YOU have to. Offering a unique variety can be important in showing your work in different ways, but it’s even more important to stay true to your brand and style. Stick with the surfaces and options that reflect the look and feel of your photography in its most authentically beautiful way.

Our MetalPrint and Photographic Paper surface guides are a great starting point to narrow down the finishes that you might gravitate to, but the BEST way to decide on your go-to options is to see them firsthand…


Get Started With Swatches and Sample Packs

Before you decide which Studio Samples you’d like to order (especially at their final sizes, with all the bells and whistles you’ll offer clients as the real deal), explore our Swatch Books and Sample Packs! Photographic and Press Printed Paper Swatch Books are free of charge, and we also offer Fine Art Paper and Dream Paper Swatch Books along with Album Material Swatches for purchase. MetalPrint Sample Packs are available for easy ordering online, and Wood and Acrylic Sample Packs are available in Bay ROES. These sets will show how your images will translate across all their respective finishes while helping you choose which is best for you and your clients.

“I loved being able to look through all the papers that Bay offers and compare them next to each other with the paper sample swatch I got from them. Those samples have helped me find the perfect paper to print my work on that compliments my style and takes my final product to another level.

Can’t wait for my clients to see their images on the FujiFlex paper, I know they will love it as much as I do.”

- Damion Haines | Baton Rouge, LA


Ready to Order Your Studio Samples?


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Rafael Serrano, Amy Dawnelle, Tonya Riggs, Allison Pheleita, Jurek Shreiner, Damion Haines

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